What can you complain on?

NICE FLIGHT - complaint platform for amicable dispute resolution does not limit the scope of complaints to just to a few events like delayed flight or denied boarding. We enable you to file your e-Claim on much more:

Flight disruption:

Delayed flight

Cancelled flight

Denied boarding

Information and the right to passenger care at the airport in case of flight disruption

Change of class of travel - downgrading

Loss of connecting flight

Hand luggage and registered baggage:

Damaged baggage

Delayed baggage

Lost luggage

Stolen baggage

Ticket & Contract of carriage:

Reservation process, including online

Clear pricing, including additional charges

Ticket refund

Taxes refund

After sales service

Customer service:


Boarding the aircraft

Service on board

Quality of meals

Any form of discrimination, e. g. connected with reduced mobility

Travel with a child

Travel with a pet

How it works?

To save you time and efforts from reading complicated regulations we have prepared a standard claim form. In addition we have simplified and automated the process of complaint filing. We have added support from consumer organisation. NICE FLIGHT platform for amicable complaints resolution gives you a simple, intuitive tool to manage air passenger claims.

To submit your e-complaint directly to an airline, please follow these few simple steps:

  • sign up for the NICE FLIGHT platform,

  • complete the complaint application form,

  • pay for your application using Pay Pal or  Przelewy24

  • confirm your entry (by clicking on the activation link or paste the code provided in the email which you will receive at your private e-mail account. It may sometimes happen that the confirmation goes to Spam, so please check your Spam mail),

  • 4 minutes and everything is ready!

After verifying your complaint application and payment, NICE FLIGHT will automatically send your complaint to the airline which operated the flight during which the disruption occurred and at the same time NICE FLIGHT will send you confirmation on submission of the complaint to your private e-mail address.

From now on all claims on NICE FLIGHT are subject to monitoring of Air Passenger Watchdog "Friendly Flying", which constantly monitors the civil aviation market in the area of passenger rights and in professional manner represents passengers for the enforcement of their rights.

While logging into YOUR ACCOUNT you can enjoy more features and functions of the platform like:

  • Tracking the status of your claim (Your e-complaints)
  • Sending additional information to the airline (Correspondence)
  • Using assistance of an expert from Air Passenger Watchdog ”Friendly Flying"

Each time your complaint changes its status NICE FLIGHT platform will notify you about it by e-mail. You can also check the status of your complaint by logging into YOUR ACCOUNT at the platform.

If you have more questions go to the FAQ. If you do not find an answer to your question, write to us at the address: kontakt@niceflight.pl. We will answer you as soon as possible.

How much it costs?


NICE FLIGHT is not a compensation company and therefore does not charge any commissions nor taxes. You pay only one fee (40PLN/application)* for the use of services and tools of NICE FLIGHT platform, that includes: the submission of a complaint (up to 6 passengers on a single application) and amicable settlement of the dispute, as well as the advice and monitoring of your complaint process by the experts from consumer organisation. If the airline grants you a compensation, it is sent in full directly to you and it will not be reduced by any fees or charges.

*/ within a single complaint application you can add up to 6 passengers (eg. family members: spouse, children). The condition: a common booking and flight number and the same claimed incydent for all passengers. Adults are required to attach a signed power of attorney to file complaints on their behalf. Please find the details in Terms and Conditions.


Become NICE FLIGHT Partner!

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