About us

We're used to address someone starting a journey: Have a pleasant journey? Have a nice flight!

Have you had a nice flight? Or maybe something has gone wrong? If it wasn't your dream flight, there has been some difficulties and you feel frustrated because your rights were not respected by carriers. If you're not sure how and where to file a complaint or you have some more questions to the level of service provided - enter NICE FLIGHT - the platform to amicable dispute resolutions and enforce your rights.

With you and other passengers in mind we equip you with this professional tool - the online system servicing airline passenger complaints created by airline industry proffesionals.

Our Team

There are millions of passengers in Europe and the amount of air travellers grows rapidly year on year. Despite the fact that there is so many of us - we still are in minority. Majority of participants of the Airline Market belongs to the industry organisations. Airports, air carriers, pilots, on board personnel or air traffic controllers are quite well represented but us, passengers - still not quite.

The idea to create NICE FLIGHT platform for handling passengers claims enabling online dispute resolution was born in Poland in 2013. It was initialised by a group of airline industry, law and marketing professionals. Our passion, involvement and wide expertise coming from experience created the base for this innovative e-service.

We couldn't restrain ourselves from using our resources and inexhaustible energy for achieving sustainable development in the field of civil aviation.

With you, airline passengers in mind we have created a new quality and we have delivered to you NICE FLIGHT - online system for servicing passenger complaints created by professionals.

Our Mission



Our Mission is to „straighten paths” for air passengers through introduction of e-complaint standard, providing the marketplace with a convenient and easy-to-use ODR Complaint Tool and delivering advice coming from experts from consumer's organisation.



In the middle of 2015 the European Union introduced a requirement for handling unsolved passengers’ claims using ADR/ODR Alternative Dispute Resolution/Online Dispute Resolution process. To meet the expectations of the European Union, the market and the customers we have created NICE FLIGHT- an online platform to help passengers and airlines in this troublesome proces.

NICE FLIGHT, created by professionals, is an online system handling air passenger claims.

NICE FLIFGT is the first European service which is fully automated, cheap and quick. It gives you an effective way to place your e-claim at the moment when the problem during your journey occurred, (for example during flight disruption) and you haven’t been able to receive satisfactory help from an airline representative at the scene, at the airport.

When using NICE FLIGHT online platform or as a mobile application you can choose from over 20 types of complaints.  You do not have to be a specialist in this field, our system will navigate you through filing in the registration form and our expert will verify if you claim is correct and complete before it is sent to the airline. You do not have to waste your time writing long letters and taking care of tedious formalities as we have simplified the process of filing complaints so it takes a few minutes. Your claim will go directly to the selected airline and in case it is recognised by the airline – you will receive 100% of your compensation.

If the airline decides not to grant you the compensation you can still use the experts’ advice from consumers’ organisation which cooperates with us to get the clear instructions on what to do, including possibility of reaching amicable solution.

From now on all complaints on NICE FLIGHT platform are monitored by consumer organization Air  Passenger Watchdog "Friendly Flying",  which constantly monitors the aviation market in the area of passenger rights and in professional manner represents them for the enforcement of their rights.


Your Benefits

In the world of constant change and evolution of customers’ needs here we are to make things easier and to implement innovative solutions. We help you and other passengers to save a lot troubles by providing the NICE FLIGHT tools. We help solving problems. We straighten paths and help to find the right ways in the world of complicated rules, so you can have the possibility to effectively exercise your rights. While creating NICE FLIGHT Complaint Platform we were having in mind a simple and intuitive tool enabling you to:

  • Obtaining 100% compensation from the airline (in case your claim is justified)

  • Ensure high effectiveness thanks to suport of the experts from Air Passenger Watchdog "Friendly Flying"

  • Save money, get 0% commission (we are not "copmensation company" - we will not chargé commission from you in case of compensation by the airline)

  • Experts’ help in the area of passenger complaints handling coming from Air Passenger Watchdog ”Friendly Flying" (consultations and monitoring of the entire complaint handling process)

  • Easy navigate through procedures at standardised form

  • Save time thanks to automated processes

  • Have a mobile way of filing a complaint (access from mobile tools)

  • Use of amicable online solution called Online Dispute Resolution – ODR