Passenger Guide - Baggage

Before the trip make sure to pack your baggage in such a way as to avoid problems during security checks at the airport or extra charges for exceeded luggage.

Baggage allowances and policies vary by airline and your hand or/and checked baggage allowance for a flight is always determined by the operating airline. For details of baggage allowances on specific airlines please refer to their websites or contact them directly.

Packing restrictions. There are a number of rules and restrictions covering what you can carry in your baggage. See the liquids, banned and restricted items page to learn more. Liquids, banned and restricted items.

Cabin / hand baggage is the one that you can bring with you on board. Before the journey you must obtain from the carrier the information concerning the quantity, size and weight of cabin baggage that can be taken on board of the aircraft.

Checked baggage is the one that shall be submitted for carriage in the hold of the aircraft. The permissible amount, weight and size of checked baggage is limited by the individual airlines. Prior to travel, it is recommended to obtain certain information from the airline.

Oversized baggage. If you intend to carry oversized or unusual baggage such as sports equipment, musical instruments, etc., you should inform the airline about this fact in the process of booking to get information about the conditions of carriage and additional charges.

In addition, to avoid unnecessary problems when traveling by plane and upon arrival at the airport we recommend using the following practical packing hints & tips:

  • check the weather forecast for your destination and make sure you pack the right gear.
  • follow the guidance on carrying liquids, sharp objects and other restricted items to help smooth your journey through security.
  • keep medicine, money, valuables and important travel documents in easy reach in your hand baggage.
  • know your hand baggage allowances and checked baggage allowances - if you think you’ll need more space you can pay to take extra checked baggage.
  • label your bags inside and out with your name, destination address, email address and mobile number.

  • remove all tags from previous flights before you check a bag in.

  • customise your bags (particularly black ones) with colourful straps and luggage tags to help them stand out on the carousel.

Have a nice flight!