Passenger Guide - Security Control

In order to ensure an adequate level of safety and protection in the air transport all passengers and their baggage shall be screened. Learn what procedures apply when traveling by air.
According to EU law "security control" means the application of technical or other means to identify and / or detect prohibited articles.

Security control (screening) of passengers is conducted using magnetic gate metal detectors or manual control. If the gate metal detector emits an alarm, remove the cause of the alarm.

Screening of cabin baggage is carried out mainly using one of the following methods:

  • checks using x-ray equipment or

  • explosives detection systems or

  • manual control.

How to prepare to security checks? While preparing for the controls passengers should put in containers on x-ray machine conveyor belt any metal objects such as keys, coins, mobile phones, watches, belts for pants with metal clasps. During the approach to the control you must remove from your hand luggage all the bags with placed inside the containers of liquids and place them in a container along with other objects. On the x-ray machine conveyor belt should be placed separately electronic devices (eg. laptop, camera, etc.) and overcoat (eg. jacket, coat, jacket). It is advisable to pack all items, including liquids, which are not necessary when traveling to checked baggage (to be donated to the carriage in the hold at the point of check-in).

Have a nice flight!