Passenger Guide - Travel with Pets

Are you planning a trip with your pet by air? Read the practical advice in order to ensure comfortable travel yourself and your pet.

Before departure the person traveling with a pet should be familiar with the rules on the transport of animals in force in the country to which they choose and in the countries in which they will have interchange.

Useful information relating to the regulations for the transport of companion animals in traveling to EU countries and to third countries can be found at the webside of General Veterinary Inspectorate.

Before you decide to travel with a pet by plane, make sure with the carrier, whether the transport of animals on board of the aircraft you intend to fly is allowed and under what conditions it can take place. Conditions of carriage of animals should be defined in the rules of the air carrier often called "General Conditions". You should ask about the carrier, or search them on the website of the airline which you plan to make a trip with a pet. If the airline allows the carriage of pets on board of its aircraft, it is recommended to inform the carrier of your intention to transport an animal already in the reservation, but not later than 48 hours before departure.

The most common transport of animals if performed by aircarriers is paid. Information regarding the amount of the fee can be obtained at the time of booking and in the "Table of fees" posted on the carrier's website.

Animals on board of the aircraft must be transported in a suitable cages (cage, in which the animal will be transported must be large enough so that the animal can stand, turn around and lie down). The exceptions are guide dogs, but some airlines require that the guide dog was in a harness and a muzzle. Make sure the requirements of the aircarrier prior to travel.

Guide dogs. Carriage of recognized assistance dogs (the owner should carry a document certifying that the animal has the status of a guide dog) is allowed in the cabin at no extra charge. Guide dogs do not apply restrictions typically used by carriers in respect of forms of animal transport (transport in cages). Guide dogs for the larger sizes can travel sitting on the floor, while smaller may be on the lap of their respective owners. For safety reasons, be sure to bring a harness and a muzzle for the dog.

Have a nice flight!