Passenger Guide - Ecology

Are you planning a trip by plane? Do you care about the environment? So read this!
The innovations and technical solutions cause the planes emit today 50% less carbon dioxide and 90% less smoke and unburned hydrocarbons than 50 years ago (the international organization data relating to the airspace - ICCAIA). But still, the impact of aviation both in terms of noise or CO2 emissions is a major problem for passengers and the community.

Being aware passenger you can help to reduce your carbon footprint, which remains before, during and after your sky-trip. The only you should do is to follow a few rules:

  • choose a direct flight connection
  • travel large and modern airplanes
  • fly with punctual carriers
  • be light, take as much luggage as it is really necessary
  • use public transport on the way to and/or from the airport
  • check-in online or by smartphone
  • segregate waste at the airport

Get more information on your carbon footprint when you travel by plain HERE!